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5 reasons why a JTL apprenticeship could be for you

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In light of the recent changes to the calculated grading system introduced by the Government following the cancellation of exams, now is as good a time as ever to start exploring career options available to you.  

Perhaps you’ve already looked into a trade apprenticeship as a possible career path. Or maybe you haven’t done any research at all, and that’s fine too- JTL is here to help! We have summarised the top five reasons to help you determine whether one of our apprenticeship schemes could be for you.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Officially, apprenticeships are work-based, Government-funded training programmes for people aged 16 and over. To JTL they are proactive and fulfilling work-based learning courses, which give people the opportunity to develop rewarding future careers by combining practical training and theoretical study. For more information take a look at our ‘About Apprenticeships’ web page.

1)  JTL – Investing in your future

JTL currently works with over 3,500 businesses and has around 8,000 apprentices in learning, so you can rest assured your learning is safe in our hands. We deliver high-quality learning across 100 centres throughout England and Wales, and whichever centre you are based at, you will be allocated a JTL training officer who will help to guide and support you through your course. Your training officer will also be on-hand to offer advice throughout your employment, as well as helping you to secure this in the first place and can assist you will all of the relevant documents you will require.

Our results speak for themselves. We are a proud OFSTED recognised ‘Good’ provider and, as a registered charity, every penny we receive goes back into the training we offer, so everything we do is to invest in your future.

2) The opportunities are endless 

We have been delivering apprenticeship training to the building services engineering sector for 30 years, and have had the pleasure to support and witness thousands of people reach their potential and progress in a variety of careers they love.

Take a look at our case studies for more information about where a JTL apprenticeship can take you.

3) An individual not just an employee 

A JTL apprenticeship provides you with so much more than just a profession. The fields in which we operate are mentally and physically challenging, allowing you to grow your scientific knowledge, mathematical and manual abilities. You will be encouraged to develop your creative thinking and problem-solving ability, as well as employability skills such as basic English, customer service and interpersonal skills. Regardless of your role, these incredibly worthwhile lessons will benefit you for life.

4) Sometimes it’s okay not to follow the crowd

At JTL, we pride ourselves in offering a viable alternative to university study, providing excellent career prospects and earning potential. You may feel like university is the most popular and conventional route to lead you to a promising career in the future, but is it for YOU?

If you are more practically minded or keen to start working and earn a reliable wage, an apprenticeship may just be for you – in fact they are quickly becoming one of today’s preferred structured careers routes. Young people who have completed apprenticeships can often get ahead of university graduates because they have gained vital on-the-job experience, and many apprentices are fast-tracked into managerial or associated careers. Regardless of where your studies take you, an apprenticeship gives you the added benefit of earning while you learn and gaining an industry recognised qualification without getting into university debt.

5) How important is a trade in today’s economy? 

One thing JTL apprenticeships have in common is that they lead to jobs that are essential to our economy and give aspiring tradespeople a foot in the door, as well as an increased chance of securing a job in their chosen industry. Trade roles, although it may be hard to think about now, will be needed more than ever once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. In the meantime, apprenticeships will continue to address skills gaps whilst creating employment opportunities across countless sectors.

You can apply for a JTL Apprenticeship at any time of the year, however, if you are due to receive your GCSE or A level results this summer we encourage you to get your application in as soon as possible. You can find more information about our courses on our ‘Apprenticeship Courses’ web page.

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