Prevent and Safeguarding

Safeguarding Against Extremism

JTL is committed to supporting the Government strategy of tackling the threat of terrorism & extremism in the UK.

Prevent is a Government strategy that was set up as part of a wider counter-terrorism strategy called Contest. Due to the current severe threat from terrorism and extremism in the UK, the Prevent strategy aims to prevent people from supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.

Terrorist activity can involve the exploitation of children and young adults, therefore JTL has developed a clear framework for responding to safeguarding concerns for learners who may be vulnerable to extremist messages.

The JTL Prevent Policy Guidance is designed to:

  • Respond to the ideological threat of terrorism and extremism
  • Provide practical help to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism
  • Work with a range of sectors where there is a risk of radicalisation, e.g. education, charities, faiths and criminal justice.

Read the full JTL Prevent Policy Guidance document.

Identifying potential signs of radicalisation

Research from a variety of organisations has shown that there are possible indicators that contribute to a person being radicalised. JTL staff will be asked to report any concerns and record incidents.

Indicators of an individual being radicalised include:

  • An increase in extreme views relating to a social sector or Government policy
  • The downloading, viewing and sharing of extremist propaganda
  • An individual becoming withdrawn and increasingly intolerant of modern views
  • A change in appearance or behaviour, with an individual becoming more isolated
  • The expression of a desire or intent to support or take part in terrorist activity

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