Charge up your career with professional training

Introducing CompEx and Develop Training

Now that you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you may be interested in enhancing your skills, broadening your career prospects, and increasing your earnings potential by undertaking professional development.

The JTL Group, comprising CompEx Certification Limited and Develop Training, could help you to do just that!

CompEx Certification Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of JTL that designs and operates qualifications to develop and assess the knowledge and skills of people working in hazardous areas. Its purpose is to support and promote workplace safety by certifying personal competency.

If you completed an electrical apprenticeship, you may be interested in developing the specialist knowledge and competency required to work in hazardous environments through CompEx Certified courses. These qualifications are globally recognised for validating the competency of staff working in all industries with potentially hazardous and explosive atmospheres.

Develop Training is one of the UK’s leading accredited providers of Compliance, Technical and Safety Training. It focuses on skills training for people that have already started a career. Its range of professional short courses serves the utilities and construction, defence, healthcare, facilities and management and telecommunications sectors.

As a JTL Achiever you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on selected professional short courses delivered by Develop Training. Further details of the courses where the discount applies can be found below.

Upgrade your electrical skills with CompEx

ExF Foundation short course

The ExF Foundation qualification offered by CompEx (part of the JTL Group), provides an introduction for electricians into working safely and competently in atmospheres that contain potentially explosive gases, vapours or dusts, which can be found in a variety of industry sectors. The theory-only course, which takes between one and two days to complete, provides you with the basic awareness and understanding of the key aspects of working in and around hazardous areas. It also serves as a foundation if you wish to develop your knowledge before undertaking more in-depth CompEx qualifications.

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Test yourself with IntroEx - a free digital tool

You can test your basic understanding of explosive atmospheres with CompEx's free digital tool 'IntroEx', hosted on the CompEx website. The IntroEx takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and provides an overview of some of the basic principles of explosive atmospheres. The content covers five elements including ‘What creates a fire or explosion?’ and ‘Examples of common ignition sources.’

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Training locations

Delivered through a network of independent approved training providers, the CompEx scheme provides expert instruction and support to learners and employers. There are currently 58 CompEx-approved training centres worldwide, with 22 of them being in the UK.

Watch our short film to find out more about CompEx Certification Limited.

Visit the CompEx website to see our full range of qualifications.

Develop Training

Develop Training is one of the UK’s leading accredited providers of Compliance, Technical and Safety skills training. Its learners are employed by some of the UK’s best-known organisations from the utilities, construction, defence, healthcare, facilities management, and telecommunication sectors.  Some of the most popular courses are relevant to almost every sector and business environment.  They facilitate safe working with asbestos; the ability to deal with, and prevent, Legionella; and best practice Confined Space training.

As a JTL Achiever you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on the following short professional courses that Develop Training offer. Click on the expandable sections below to access the full course details. You will need to quote JTL23 for the discount to be applied when booking onto one of these courses using the contact details below.

Visit the Develop Training website to view the full range of courses on offer.


Electrical - Low Voltage

18th Ed. Wiring Regulations BS7671:2022*
This course is suitable for you if you are responsible for the design, installation or maintenance of electrical systems. It is designed for electrically trained engineers/craftsmen to attain a benchmark qualification relating to the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations.

Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification 2392 
Electrical verification training course for undertaking inspections on domestic single phase system circuits and installations.

In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT Testing)
Electrical low voltage training course for inspection of portable appliance testing (PAT). Compliance with statutory legislation.

Single Point Safe Isolation (ME15)
Electrical safety training course for those with Mechanical/ Maintenance background who need to carry out their own single point electrical isolation.

Electricity at Work Regulations (ME33)^
Maintenance training course for Electrical Duty Holder’s to have a greater understanding of the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations 2391
Installations training course to prepare candidates for the inspection and testing of electrical installation work.

Electrical Awareness (ME29(V))^
Virtual training course for an introduction to requirements for safe use of electrical equipment in the workplace as required by regulations and safe practices.

*Refresher course available 
^eLearning options available

Electrical - High Voltage

HV Awareness for Managers (ME30)^
High voltage awareness training course for facilities managers with responsibilities for HV systems and electrical safety regulations.

Authorised Person: High Voltage (Industrial & Commercial) (AP15)*^
High voltage distribution training course for authorised persons on commercial systems and equipment. Compliance to Electricity at Work Regulations.

HV Workshop – Practical Introduction to Safe Isolation of HV Equipment (ME31)
HV safety training course for an introductory workshop into safe working on high voltage power distribution systems and issuing of safety documents.

*Refresher course available                                      
^eLearning options available


Skilled Person: Mechanical (Boiler & Pressure Systems) (CP2)
Mechanical awareness training course for safety rules and procedures for commercial systems skilled persons. Compliance with legislation.

Authorised Person: Mechanical Systems (Boiler & Pressure Systems) (AP11)*
Mechanical authorised persons training course for boilers and pressure systems requirements and safe working procedures.

*Refresher course available                                      
^eLearning options available

Gas Safety

The Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) is the industry recognised and accepted route for gas operatives to gain the certificate of competence needed to become a member of the Gas Safe Register.

CMA1 + MET1 (Domestic Gas Meter Installer)*
Gas installers training course for reassessment in gas safety competence to work upon gas meters. Domestic and non-domestic settings.

Downstream Gas Appreciation for Supervisors and Managers (GA3)
Gas appreciation training course for regulations, standards and procedures relating to the safe use and maintenance of gas pipework & appliances.

Core Domestic Meter Installation & Commissioning (Limited Scope)*
Gas meters training course to install and commission gas sized meters, including medium pressure meters not greater than 2 bar pressure.

*Refresher course available                                      
^eLearning options available

Health & Safety

UKATA Asbestos Awareness (UKATA-AA)^
Safety training course providing an awareness of asbestos as a hazard and to prevent exposure. Benefits those working in buildings or machinery.

UKATA Asbestos Awareness in Soil and Made Ground (UKATA-SMG)^
Safety training course for preventing exposure to Asbestos containing materials, including in soils and demolition waste.

Safe Working at Height (SWH)
Safety awareness training course to recognise the dangers of working at height. Gain an appreciation of the risk assessment process.

Authorised Person: Working at Height (APWAH)
Safety training course for supervising the requirements for working at height on masts and towers. MOD JSP 375 safety rules.

IOSH Managing Safely (IOSHMS)*
IOSH managing safely training course for management of health and safety at work. Benefits supervisors or managers with safety responsibilities.

IOSH Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers (SHECW)
Health and Safety training course for workers engaged in any form of construction which entitles them to apply for a CSCS Green Card. IOSH certification.

IOSH Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers (SHECSM)
Health and Safety training course for agents, supervisors and managers with, or expecting to have, responsibility for construction projects. IOSH certification.

*Refresher course available                                      
^eLearning options available

Manual Handling for Operational Staff

Abrasive Wheels – Grinders and Cut Off Saws (AWCG)
Safety training course for specification and mounting of abrasive wheels on portable equipment. Including safe operating for cutting and grinding wheels.

Awareness of Confined Spaces (CSA)
Safety training course for awareness when entering confined spaces. Learn to identify risks and procedures to stay safe.

Authorised Person: Confined Spaces (APCS)*
Authorised persons training course for safe entry control and working in confined spaces using MOD JSP 375 safety rules as best practice.

Level 2 Award in Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces (CS-01)
Risk assessment training course for working in low risk confined spaces. Course includes entry and self rescue procedures.

Level 2 Award in Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces (CS-02)
Risk assessment training course for working in medium risk confined spaces. Course includes entry and self rescue procedures.

Level 2 Award in Working in High Risk Confined Spaces (CS-04)
Safe entry training course for working in high risk confined spaces using compressed air and full working set breathing apparatus.

*Refresher course available                                      
^eLearning options available

Training locations

Develop Training has dedicated UK training centres in Derby, York, Linlithgow (Scotland), Swindon, Manchester, and Brentwood, each containing a wide range of practical facilities and fully equipped training rooms.  As part of the JTL Group, they also have facilities at their Birmingham and Norwich branches.

All the centres are built specifically to meet the requirements of training and assessment in controlled conditions and contain a wide range of equipment.

Contact us:
T: 01332 253 517