Free Support

For Our Apprentices and Employers

JTL is partnered with the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) to offer a range of welfare support services to all of our learners and employers working within the electrical sector and the wider building services industries.

The EIC is an industry charity that offers a range of free and confidential support services for those who may be struggling with personal or work-related challenges, whether financial, legal, emotional or health-related. Support is available in the form of telephone counselling, legal and debt advice, scholarships and financial grants.

JTL recognises that mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety and depression, are more apparent in the construction industry than in others sectors, with an estimated one in six workers suffering from a mental health issue. Yet, rather than treating mental health as a taboo subject, it is important that personal issues are addressed to provide a safe working environment where people can share their concerns and therefore manage or recover from their mental health issues.

Brian’s Story

When Brian O’Rourke, an electrician, struggled with depression and alcohol dependency, he eventually sought the help of the EIC. The EIC helped Brian by organising a rehabilitation programme and finding a new flat for him with some financial support.

“The EIC have done so much to help me. They know that people have problems sometimes before they admit this themselves.” – Brian

Watch Brian’s full story on YouTube.

How to get help


Anyone working with JTL, both learners and employers, are welcome to contact the EIC assistance scheme. It is the EIC’s mission to meet the wellbeing needs of every individual in the industry throughout their careers.

For access to the EIC’s free and confidential assistance service:

Telephone: 0800 652 1618


Visit the EIC website for further information and support.