Getting started with a JTL apprentice

Taking on an apprentice is a great way to develop your business and with JTL it couldn’t be easier, our team are here to assist you every step of the way and help you find the ideal candidate for your business needs. So if you’re looking to hire an apprentice let us help you.

6 steps to getting started

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Got someone in mind?

If you already have somebody who is keen to join your business and study an apprenticeship that’s fine, to speed up the process we just need to ensure they have completed the following steps:

  • Applied to JTL here
  • Completed our colour vision assessment
  • Registered and passed a JTL online assessment test

Your responsibilities as an employer

  • Every employer we work with must comply with health and safety laws and codes of practice. This ensures our apprentices are always safe.
  • Someone from JTL will visit you before your apprentice joins. They’ll check that you take training and health and safety as seriously as we do. Until we’re happy you meet our standards, your apprentice won’t be able to start. This is called a pre-placement vetting (PPV) check.
  • As soon as your apprentice starts, you need to introduce them to your company and how it works by way of a formal induction. You also need to talk to them about what you expect of them and what they can expect of you. Your training officer will guide you through this. If needed, your apprentice will also attend Maths and English sessions to achieve their Functional Skills (or Essential Skills Wales).
  • All apprentices are required to carry out ‘off the job’ training, this can take many forms and your Training Officer will talk you through the best way for you to achieve this. 
  • As part of the qualification there will, from time to time, be some paperwork for you to oversee and review to ensure your apprentice is getting on ok however, your training officer is also able to offer help and guidance on this.  
  • During their apprenticeship, your apprentice will train at a local college or training centre. Your training officer will help organise which college or training centre is best suited to your apprentice and will help to secure their place and assist with the start documents.

Free Support

JTL is partnered with the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) to offer a range of welfare support services to all of our learners and employers working within the electrical sector and the wider building services industries.

Find out more

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