Our Commitment

JTL is committed to equality and diversity for all

We want to establish a culture of equality and diversity so that all applicants, apprentices, employers, sub-contractors and staff have the opportunity to work in and towards an environment that is non-discriminatory.

JTL has detailed policies and procedures for dealing with discrimination, harassment and bullying. It should not happen, but if it does, we will support individuals in dealing with these serious issues in a sensitive and confidential manner.

All our staff at JTL undergo regular equality and diversity training and are supported in promoting and encouraging equality and diversity in everyday life. As part of a JTL culture, learners will have E&D awareness sessions at their induction as well as regular discussions at progress reviews throughout their time with JTL.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to equality and diversity, you can contact our Diversity, Safeguarding and Inclusion (DSI) advisor team on diversity@jtltraining.com


Equality and Diversity Policy

JTL Safeguarding Policy

JTL Bullying & Harassment Policy