Back in late 2021, we launched our blog series following apprentices, Charlie and Jay, as they embarked on the first year of their apprenticeships at Darke & Taylor. Now, almost three years later, we caught up with them both as they approach the final stages of their apprenticeships.

When we last spoke with Charlie and Jay, they were both thoroughly enjoying their apprenticeships and had started to think about the future after the completion of their qualifications. Charlie was hoping to become a technical services engineer, whilst Jay hoped to focus more on testing.

Since then, Jay has been working on projects at Portsmouth University, Oxford University and Royal Holloway, University of London. He says, “I have been carrying out the work for new data points, which has involved installing all the containment, wiring and then second fixing as well as installing and terminating fibre cables.”

He’s found that these projects have helped him develop his skillset and notes that “all the skills are transferrable in some way.”

Jay installing new data points at Portsmouth University

Jay installing new data points at Portsmouth University

Jay also credits these projects for providing him with the opportunity to improve his communication and organisational skills as he says, “I was given an area of the job to complete, which meant that I had the drawings and needed to organise others to tell them what jobs needed to be done, so I had to communicate well and be organised.”

Charlie has also been working on similar projects in the instalment of data and fibre cables and tells us, “this has given me access to new skills that not everyone may get to experience and it has also helped to broaden my overall knowledge and understanding of the work that I have been doing.”

Data and fibre cables - installation, terminations and testing

Charlie’s most recent project has involved installing data and fibre cables:

He adds that he’s found the most valuable skill that he’s learnt so far in his role is “communication and working with others.” He says, “this has helped jobs go smoothly and has allowed me to progress in the best way possible.”

As they both come towards the latter stages of their apprenticeships, we asked them what tips and advice they would give to a new electrical apprentice. Charlie says, “I think anyone who is thinking of starting an apprenticeship needs to understand that they must always pay attention to ensure they communicate properly with everyone.” Jay adds, “I would say to work hard and learn to mature quicker, and always give your best.”

It’s been great to speak with Charlie and Jay as they continue their third year, and we look forward to speaking with them both later this year.