JTL has recently joined the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) the professional engineering institution for gas. This welcomes us into a network of likeminded industry figures across 30 countries, enabling a further reach for the foundational work we do in supporting a sustainable gas future.

With IGEM, we can be at the forefront of technical standard development, policy changes and significant working groups, committees, and panels. New legislation and best practices relevant to gas will be now available directly to JTL Training Officers and tutors, creating clear avenues for this leading information to influence our apprentices and their work.

IGEM respects existing infrastructure as much as it also understands the significance of modernisation and innovation, playing an integral part in helping the UK energy sector to achieve its net zero goal by 2050.

Additionally, IGEM’s intention of helping members to achieve and maintain the highest standards of professional competence is an ideal we believe is worth supporting. As such, we are glad to now include the IGEM logo on JTL materials moving forward.

Kane Bramhall, Curriculum Manager (PMES) at JTL, said: “We are always looking for new spaces in which JTL can form more substantial ties to the industries it operates in, and in regard to achieving this for our work with gas, there is scarcely any better option than IGEM.

“By joining IGEM, we now have access to substantial information about technical standards that better inform our work. Additionally, we will be receiving brand-new information from events and webinars, magazines, and a host of resources that IGEM provides.

“We’re excited for the potential this has to improve the standard of apprenticeships we are able to deliver, and as a result the standard of work that employers will see from our apprentices.”