JTL/Enerveo Academy trainees share their thoughts after three weeks of training, and tell us what they are most looking forward to before starting their work experience.

“During our first 3 weeks of learning we have covered safeguarding, health and safety, budgeting and many other key skills. I believe learning these skills has been very beneficial to me and the other apprentices and will continue to be beneficial during and after our apprenticeship. I’m looking forward to the successful completion of my apprenticeship, gaining my Level 3 NVQ and getting involved with the projects here at Enerveo.”
Dean Taylor

“The last few weeks of my traineeship with JTL has been great. I’ve managed to meet other apprentices across the country via online learning that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet. I’m looking forward to beginning my apprenticeship to gain further experience on-site and meeting many different people in various trades.”
Daniel Hebbard

“My experience over the last few weeks has been very positive. I have already seen an improvement in my confidence when having to present a task in front of the group. I have already gained a bit of knowledge about the electrical and construction industry, even when this has not been the main focus over the last 3 weeks. I was also very pleased to have passed my ECS test. I am looking forward to the next few years being an apprentice with JTL and Enerveo.”
Rhys Thomas

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my last three weeks taking part in the JTL induction. Natasha [Heritage] has been fantastic; she has been very precise and supportive throughout. It was the first time I have used Microsoft Teams, so I found it strange at first as I have not worked online before but I got used to it and enjoyed it. It was very useful to go through the health and safety policies at work as this gave me the knowledge I need for the work place. I am really excited to start my apprenticeship with Enerveo. I’m looking forward to building new skills and relationships with my new colleagues. The large range of different projects, Enerveo get involved in really excite me and I’m proud to be part of the Enerveo team.”
David Reynolds

“My experience of the JTL/Enerveo Apprentice Academy has been amazing. My tutor was very supportive, and gave a personal touch on the course by giving everyone tasks they were comfortable with and helping those who were struggling. The training programme was very well put together and I would, without a doubt, recommend it to anyone looking at starting an apprenticeship. I am very excited to start my apprenticeship next month, but I am definitely most excited about getting on the tools out on site.”
Oliver Tydeman

“Starting my apprenticeship, I was a little nervous of what was to come. After spending the first day on Microsoft Teams discussing with Michelle what would be happening and what I should expect over the next coming years I was put right at ease. I have found the course very helpful and have been given very useful information to get me started and excited to begin my apprenticeship journey.”
Ryan Geall

“JTL really helps prepare you for life as an apprentice and helps you get a bit of general knowledge about health and safety behind you before going onsite. They have put me through my ECS test and with the help of the teachers I was able to pass it with flying colours. I would have really struggled without them. All the teachers are great and are always happy to help improve and give up their time to help with any subject you are struggling with. Overall, I think it has been an amazing start to a great apprenticeship and JTL is a great thing to look into before you start with an employer.”
Ethian Webb