Find your perfect apprentice in six simple steps

Fill in our enquiry form below to get started

Find your perfect apprentice in 6 simple steps

Fill in the below enquiry form to take the first step in finding your perfect apprentice. A member of the JTL Customer Services Team will be in touch to talk you through how we can support you from the initial process and throughout the apprenticeship.

JTL do everything we can to find you your perfect apprentice. We can advertise the apprenticeship job role on sites such as the National Apprenticeship Service, and if you already have a candidate in mind then we can support with that too. Plus we have approved applicants already linked with JTL across the country.

Once your apprentice is matched, JTL can advise you on how the funding works and what grants are available to you. JTL cannot claim the grants for you, but we do have a variety of resources to help guide you through the process.

There’s a few requirements needed to set you up with an apprentice, including some paperwork and form filling, which is all done electronically for ease. JTL will guide and support you through this.

You will be linked up with a dedicated JTL Training Officer before your apprentice starts. Your JTL Training Officer will be there to support you and your apprentices throughout the whole apprenticeship. They will do regular reviews and assessments, will keep you updated on your apprentice’s progress and will be there to answer any questions you and your apprentice may have during their course.

Once all of the relevant paperwork has been filled out and you have your dedicated Training Officer, you are ready to get started with your apprentice.

Fill in the enquiry form to take the first step to finding your perfect apprentice

Watch our video to discover how JTL can support you.

Trading up the next generation of your business has never been so easy

Trading up your business doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and difficult process. JTL will match you with your perfect apprentice in six simple steps and will continue to support you and your apprentice throughout the course.

There’s no time like the present to plan for the future and trade up the next generation of your business.

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