Health & Safety

Committed to Ensuring Safety

JTL takes its responsibilities to apprentices very seriously and is committed to ensuring their safety is paramount at all times. All employers of JTL apprentices must comply with the requirements of current Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice.

Before you can begin your apprenticeship a qualified JTL representative will visit your employer and conduct an extensive review, or a Pre-placement Vetting, to make sure that you are being placed with a company that takes your training and health and safety seriously. If the company does not match up to our standards then you will not be allowed to proceed onto your apprenticeship with your employer.

Pre-placement Vetting

Visiting you

Every employer we work with has to comply with health and safety laws and codes of practice. This ensures our apprentices are safe at all times. And that we get the funding your apprentice needs.

Someone from JTL will visit you before your apprentice joins. They’ll check that you take training and health and safety as seriously as we do. Until we’re happy you meet our standards, your apprentice won’t be able to start.

Accident Report

If anything happens to your apprentice, tell us straightaway. We’re both responsible under health and safety laws to deal with it.

There are a few ways to get in touch with us:

  • Contact your training officer
  • Contact our national centre on 0800 0852308
  • Contact our health and safety team on 01689 884100

Or fill in our form here.