Building Futures

Our Strategy for 2013-28

Our work changes lives and industries

There are significant challenges for the world in which JTL operates. Stretched funding for further education, a skills shortage and an urgency to meet low carbon targets – these all bring a need to adapt and to make decisive moves forward.

In the face of these challenges, JTL will be at the forefront to ensure the UK has enough safe and qualified electricians and plumbers to deliver the work needed.

Our forward-thinking strategy is a result of extensive work and ongoing input from our employers, apprentices and other key stakeholders.

The basis of our strategy

Our strategy is built on extensive engagement with our customers to understand their needs.

Three overarching objectives provide our foundations:


A relentless focus on the quality of the learner journey underpins everything JTL does

Financial Stability

How we ensure financial sustainability for apprenticeships

Meeting Future Needs

We recognise the evolving landscape of industry demands and are dedicated to not only keeping pace but leading the way

“This comprehensive plan is not only a response to the current challenges faced in the training provision landscape but also a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our sector while ensuring a positive impact on our apprentices and employers.”

Sir John Low, Chair of JTL

A statement from our Trustees

This strategy has been designed to support the industry as it meets current challenges to find  suitable, skilled professionals.

In the intricate landscape of electrical and PMES training, JTL stands as the industry’s key training provider. However, we do not operate in isolation, and we recognise that we exist in an environment where the challenges confronting training providers are particularly demanding.

The challenges faced by the industry demand a united response. Our strategy is not a solitary endeavour but a collaborative initiative that requires the support and engagement of the industry at large. We call upon employers and industry leaders to rally behind this strategy, recognising that their collaboration is pivotal to the success of our learners.

We look forward to fostering meaningful partnerships and working closely with employers to ensure our learners embark on their careers with the best possible start, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to meet and exceed industry standards.

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