Changes to Entry Requirements

Effective from 1st August 2024

Important notice

JTL is changing the entry requirements for all its apprenticeship courses.

These changes come into effect on 1st August 2024.

If you plan to start your apprenticeship before this date these changes will not affect you.  Please proceed to JTL’s online application site using the green ‘Apply Now’ button.

If, however you are planning to apply for, and start your apprenticeship on or after 1st August this year, it is important that you read the information and guidance below.

For applicants that have registered prior to the 4th March 2024, you will no longer have access to your account. But don’t worry, your details have migrated to our new platform and your application is still with us.  You are not required to submit a second application. Please contact or 0800 085 2308 if you require assistance or further clarification.


How Apprenticeships Work

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study.  As an apprentice you will:

  • Be an employee earning a wage and getting holiday pay.
  • Work alongside and mentored by experienced staff with your employer.
  • Gain job-specific skills to support your chosen apprenticeship.
  • Get time for training and study related to your role.

Guidance for Applicants

JTL have provided the following guidance to ensure all applicants fully understand the requirements when applying for apprenticeship training with JTL.


As part of the apprenticeship application process, you will need to complete a number of forms, supplying mandatory supporting documentation and complete Initial assessments in English and maths. This stage allows JTL to apply for government funding that will support the apprenticeship training costs and ensures you have the best possible opportunity to successfully complete your apprenticeship.

This stage is composed of:

  1. Application
  2. Initial Assessments in English and maths
  3. Telephone Discussion with JTL’s dedicated Onboarding team
  4. Skills Gap Analysis (where required)
  5. Uploading your photograph
  6. Supplying ID
  7. You can download a copy of our Colour Vision Certificate here
  8. Prior Qualifications Evidence

Apprenticeship Entry Requirements

As part of the application process, all applicants will be required to complete Initial assessment in English and maths.

If you are starting your apprenticeship on or after the 1st of August 2024 you will be required to meet the necessary requirements in both English and maths. The entry requirements for level 2 and 3 apprenticeships are outlined in the below table.

Apprenticeship Level Entry Requirements
Level 3 apprenticeships Maths at level 2 or equivalent (GCSE Grade 4+ or L2 Functional Skills)

English at level 2 or equivalent (GCSE Grade 4+ or L2 Functional Skills)
Level 2 apprenticeships Maths at level 1 or equivalent (GCSE Grade 2-3 or L1 Functional Skills)

English at level 1 or equivalent (GCSE Grade 2-3 or L1 Functional Skills)










You will be given the following opportunities to demonstrate you meet these requirements for English and maths:

  1. At point of application, you will be asked to confirm the grades you have achieved in English and maths and asked to supply supporting evidence or certificate. Supporting evidence must be a results letter from your school or college that demonstrates you have recently achieved an acceptable qualification at the required level and are waiting to receive the certificate.
  2. You will complete initial assessment tests on BKSB as part of your application process, the outcome of this will determine the level you are currently operating at for both English and maths.
  3. Further supervised assessments can be arranged for applicants who cannot provide evidence of achievement in English and/or maths at the required levels. If you start an apprenticeship through this route, you must achieve your maths and/or English Functional Skills qualifications before you can complete. JTL will support you to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have just left school and still awaiting results/certificates?

If you have recently left secondary or further education and are awaiting GCSE results and/or certificates, you can still apply for an apprenticeship with JTL and sit a supervised English and maths assessments to demonstrate you are operating at the required level.

All applicants must achieve the required entry levels for English and maths to progress through the application stage.

What if I am still at school and have not sat my exams?

You can still apply but cannot start any apprenticeship until after the last Friday in June of the academic year in which you have your 16th birthday.

You will also need to sit a supervised English and maths assessments to demonstrate you are operating at the required level to proceed with your application.

Once you have sat your exams and received evidence of achievement you will be required to supply copies of these.

What about if I have lost my certificates?

If you have lost your certificates, you can request a copy of these by contacting the relevant awarding organisation. In this situation JTL will check your personal Learning record as part of the application process, this may provide evidence of prior achievement in English and maths.

You will also need to sit a supervised English and maths assessments to demonstrate you are operating at the required level.

How will supervised initial assessment tests be conducted?

Applicants will have two options available to them; these will be:

  1. Virtually, online
  2. At a JTL centre at a pre-arranged date and time

Supervised initial assessments will be held on a weekly basis and the JTL Admissions Team will be on hand to confirm dates and times of available tests to support applicants as part of the application process.

How will JTL support me?

All applicants will be directed to dedicated resources to support them with refreshing their skills prior to sitting their initial and/or supervised assessments.

Free resources are available from the BBC if you would like to practice before taking an assessment.

What happens if I cannot achieve the required levels?

JTL have a dedicated team who will be able to provide Information, advice, and guidance on who you can contact locally to support you in upskilling to the necessary requirements.

You can find out about the courses available to you by using the National Careers Service Course Finder online or calling the helpline on 0800 100 900 or by contacting your local college.

You will then be able to reapply once you have achieved the necessary requirements.

What happens if I do not have a maths or English qualification?

You can start an apprenticeship without a maths or English qualification as long as you demonstrate through the supervised assessment that you are working at the required level.

However, you cannot complete the apprenticeship without maths and English qualifications.

JTL will support you to achieve the required Functional Skills qualification(s) in English and maths during your apprenticeship. They will form part of the training plan agreed with you and your employer when you sign up.

Further information

If you wish to speak to a member of the JTL admissions team, please call 0800 085 2308 where a member of the team will be happy to support you with your application; alternatively, you can contact the admissions team by email on