JTL Whistleblowing policy

JTL conducts its business with the highest standards of integrity and honesty at all times and expects all employees to maintain these same standards in everything they do, both in and outside of work. People are therefore encouraged to report any wrongdoing by JTL or its employees that falls short of these business principles. These standards are outlined in the JTL Code of Conduct.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 protects whistleblowers and aims to ensure that people are able to tell the Company about any concerns at work about any dangers or illegalities which may affect others, which they believe has occurred or is likely to occur.

JTL recognises that people may not always feel comfortable about discussing their concerns initially, especially if they believe that JTL itself is responsible for the wrongdoing. The aim of this policy is to ensure that people are confident that they can raise any matter with JTL in the knowledge that it will be taken seriously, treated as confidential and no action will be taken against them for raising the issue. Whistleblowing should be viewed as a valuable activity which can positively influence our lives and improve the business, and which can address potentially serious issues before any damage is done.

People are encouraged to report any concerns at all about wrongdoing at work, including any criminal offence, a failure to comply with legal or contractual obligations, a miscarriage of justice, a health and safety danger, an environmental risk or a concealment of any of these.

People are also encouraged to report any allegations of bribery or corruption, and should be assured that any allegations of bribery or corruption will be treated in a safe and confidential manner.
To report a matter in confidence send to:

This policy is reviewed and approved annually by the JTL Board.