Smart Assessor

Smart Assessor Smart Assessor is where you will find your portfolio for your apprenticeship.


For any issues with your bksb account, please email or call 0800 085 2308

Look out for an email from inviting you to complete the BKSB initial assessment entitled “Your bksbLIVE login”.

Construction Fundamentals e-learning

This is where you access your Construction: Fundamentals for Safety elearning course.

You should expect an email from containing the link to the Construction: Fundamentals for Safety e-learning.


Cognassist is where you complete your neurodiversity assessment.

You will receive an email from inviting you to complete the Cognassist neurodiversity assessment.

If you have identified an additional learning need, a JTL Learning Support Tutor will be in touch to discuss support arrangements.

Accessing bksbLIVE and MS Teams

How to use an Xbox or PlayStation games console to access bksbLIVE or Microsoft Teams

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Accessing Google Classrom

How to use an Xbox or PlayStation games console to access Google Classroom

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Google Classroom

If you are learning in a JTL centre your tutor may be using Google Classroom to deliver remote learning sessions.

JTL Learning News

You can access all previous issues of JTL Learning News here to revisit any content you may have missed.

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JIB Registered Apprentice

Find out about the benefits JTL electrical apprentices are entitled to as a JIB Registered Apprentice

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If you have any issues accessing these online resources please notify your Training Officer or contact the JTL Customer Services Team on 0800 085 2308 or email