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JTL Celebrates International Women’s Day

Female apprentice

Two years on from the introduction of the Baker Clause, results of a recent YouGov survey commissioned by JTL suggest that only 5% of females aged 15-18 felt they had been encouraged to become a skilled tradesperson compared to 14% of males. 

Jon Graham, Chief Executive of JTL, said: “These results are disappointing and show there is still much more work to be done in ensuring school leavers are fully aware of the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship.

“We really want to challenge people’s understanding of what an apprenticeship involves and importantly what it can lead to, so that all school leavers are fully informed. We also want to encourage more female and BAME learners, who are massively underrepresented within the trades to consider an apprenticeship as an option.”

To mark International Women’s Day (8th March) we are championing our female apprentices and celebrating the many benefits which they bring to the role.


Championing female apprentices

Despite industry progress towards gender equality in recent years, there is still a shortage of female tradespeople, with only 11% of women making up the industry, and just 1% in the electrical sector. At JTL we are committed to changing perceptions in the sector and understand that females are every bit as good at these jobs as their male counterparts, yet there are still challenges to encouraging more women to take up trade roles. Read more here: http://jtltraining.com/blog/2019/09/12/women-in-the-industry

JTL campaigns for a diverse and inclusive workforce, and apprenticeships are a brilliant way for people of all ages, genders and abilities to kickstart their careers. Encouraging women to complete apprenticeships will not only help bridge the gender pay gap but will also support the skills shortage that the UK is currently experiencing, particularly within the building services engineering sector. Apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity for both school leavers and mature candidates to embark on a career in a highly skilled and well-paid job.

JTL is proud to work with employers who are looking to encourage more women into the industry and are very keen to take on the right person for the job, regardless of gender.

One of these employers is Ashford Borough Council, who currently employs JTL National Apprentice of the Year finalist, Ellen O’Connor. Ellen is described as a shining example of why females should have a higher representation in the industry and an ambassador for her female employees. Ashford Borough Council recognise how rare it is for females to come through any of the trades, but for them having the option to offer Ellen’s services to make properties feel secure and in turn keep the people inside them feeling safe too is a huge benefit.


The real women of JTL

JTL apprentice, Amy Lister, is currently employed by Worcester based electrical contracting firm Goodridge Electrical and is proud to be forging a career in a stereotypically male dominated industry. Amy shared with us an insight into an average day for her, which typically allows her to put into practice the things she has learned in the classroom, including challenging tasks such as changing a fuse board. She also regularly completes PAT testing, installations, light fittings and moving cables, all in a typical day’s work. Amy really enjoys her work and gets real job satisfaction from seeing the work she has achieved. Her advice to females considering an apprenticeship in building services engineering is as follows:


Amy Lister next to Goodridge van

(Left to right) Amy Lister and Steven Goodridge 


‘’Don’t have any doubts or fears for your own capabilities, you are strong enough to do it, you are brave enough to do it – Just go for it’’. 

Read more about her story here: http://jtltraining.com/blog/2019/06/20/amy-listers-day


If you think a career as an electrician or a plumber is just for men, think again! 

Someone who defies the misconception that ‘a man should be an electrician because they are strong’ is JTL electrical apprentice Dawn Walker, who says that she would ‘recommend an apprenticeship for anybody, whether it be a girl, boy, older woman or single parent’, which is largely down to the positive feedback she receives in her job role every day.  

Our female apprentices share their experiences of training to become electricians:



If you’re interested in our apprenticeships, then click here to find out more.

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