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JTL’s guide to the electrical standard changes

Back view of young maintenance engineers team working in wind turbine farm at sunset.

The Installation and Maintenance Electrician standard in England is undergoing a transformative change to equip learners with greater knowledge regarding more sustainable technologies.

The enhanced electrical standard has been updated to include details on eco-friendly tech, such as smart building techniques, EV charging infrastructure, and a range of renewable energy systems.

For new apprentices who register from Monday 4th September 2023, JTL will be providing an updated apprenticeship framework to give learners the most up-to-date training based on the additions to the standard.

The adaptations bring environmental considerations to the forefront of learners’ journeys, arming the next generation of electricians with the latest green skills.

These changes also equip employers with better trained, more future-proofed workforces, creating a competitive advantage and championing the latest green initiatives on route to the UK reaching net-zero by 2050. Further benefits for employers include higher potential for innovation, better business longevity due to diversification, and greater investment opportunities because of improved public reputation.

As the implementation of low-carbon technologies requires electricians to be equipped with the appropriate skills, JTL apprentices will receive comprehensive training across a range of environmentally friendly technologies including:

  • Renewable energy systems and power generation, such as Solar PV and wind turbines
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, involving the installation and maintenance of charging stations
  • Energy storage, instructing on batteries as a storage solution and their integration within electrical systems for energy conservation purposes
  • Smart building technology, covering smart meters, home automation systems, and energy management
  • Energy-efficient lighting, including LED lights, fixtures, and control systems
  • Digital skills, factoring in researching techniques, assessing supplier prices or competitor offerings, and operating workplace technology

JTL’s latest learner recruitment campaign, ‘Your Future, Our Planet’, has embraced the revised standards and the step towards greater green expertise, challenging future electricians within the electrotechnical industry to contribute towards a more sustainable planet.

The electrotechnical industry has made considerable efforts to establish structured training pathways which incorporate environmentally conscious skills, acknowledging how electricians play a fundamental role in the implementation of various sustainable technologies.

In turn, the updated Installation and Maintenance Electrician apprenticeship standard has been meticulously designed to provide apprentices with the necessary support and expertise to competently install a wide range of eco-friendly technologies.

The changes to the electrical standard only apply to England and do not apply to the rest of the UK.

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