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William Jack Edis

In a JTL apprenticeship, we know that our place in a learner’s career is at the starting line. It’s the time in which we’re challenged to look forwards to the rounded professional an apprentice has the potential to become, and with our guidance, support, and training, ensure that vision becomes a reality.

Sometimes, however, reality surpasses our vision, which is just the case for our apprentices now working at Green Vision Solutions Ltd. Independently run, Green Vision is a contractor specialising in renewables, electrical and heating. With both JTL alumni and apprentices working there, we caught up with one of their current JTL apprentices to hear about his journey to working at an industry-leading contractor.

William Jack Edis started studying for an electrical apprenticeship with JTL in 2017. He can still recall the practical mindset that first led him to take on an apprenticeship, and what things have been like since:

“I wanted to make a good career for myself, and I was drawn to becoming an electrician as it’s known for being a top trade with good money.

“In general, it has been enjoyable and has given me the opportunity to do lots of things with my life. I have worked away from home a lot of the time which has given me lots of memories, good and bad. I’ve met lots of good friends and worked with some top people.”

William’s apprenticeship really did take him far and wide, and he can remember working on some genuinely unique projects including an underground car park project under Hyde Park, London.

His aspirations didn’t stop there, however, as William explains how he ended up changing his apprenticeship employer to Green Vision.

“I think I could have done with doing a wider variety of work, which is why I moved to Green Vision in June 2022.

“After a good talk I really liked the sound of the company and knew they would help me progress in my final stage of my apprenticeship. Since joining, I have loved every minute and learn’t loads more.”

William, with his electrical background, has slotted naturally into Green Vision as the company specialises in installing electrical infrastructure such as solar panels, air source heat pumps, underfloor heating, and smart lighting.

“Everyone is moving towards being more advanced these days and trying to keep up with the times, which has involved me working with solar panels and heat pumps in particular.”

William certainly got his wish to work on a much wider variety of projects too, he explains:

“We get the opportunity to work on various grade 2 listed buildings. This gives me the chance to work with lots of different building materials and allows me to do a wide variety of electrical work.”

At Green Vision, William is developing skills on industry-leading tech in a range of environments, giving him invaluable skills that are further embedded by his training from JTL. With all that in mind, we asked William if he’d recommend an apprenticeship to someone else:

“Yes, it gives you lots of valuable experience…”

Before finishing, William remembers to add one of the most essential benefits, something apprentices themselves forgivably forget isn’t a standard across the learning world.

“It gives you lots of valuable experience, whilst earning a living.”

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