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JTL prides itself on partnering with large, national companies, operating across a wide range of sectors training apprentices to become industry-leading individuals in the plumbing and heating, and electrical trades.

We have developed long-standing relationships with our employers through creating a seamless and efficient process of on-boarding apprentices that are suited to their business.

Apprentices provide significant benefits in terms of business growth through the introduction of innovative ideas and new ways of working.

One prime example of a national employer that we work with is Redrow. The nationwide home construction company is due to celebrate its 50th anniversary in November 2024 and has integrated apprenticeship qualifications throughout all divisions of the organisation.

Indeed, many of Redrow’s managers and directors started off as trade apprentices, gaining a crucial foundation of skills and have since worked their way into more senior roles within the organisation.

We recently spoke with two of Redrow’s apprenticeship officers who advise the learners in their day-to-day roles and work closely with JTL.

Redrow has been working with JTL for five years and currently employs a total of 17 JTL apprentices, who work across the trade divisions of the construction business.

Our five-year, successful partnership with Redrow showcases why JTL is a leading apprenticeship provider across England and Wales, as we prioritise creating a collaborative and streamlined approach to providing our employers with high-quality and ambitious apprentices.

Macey Finlay, one of the apprenticeship officers at Redrow, who has been with the company for six years, discussed the benefits that apprenticeships bring to the business:

“One of the main benefits that we see apprentices bringing to the day-to-day operations of Redrow is the introduction of new ideas, which has been really important to our growth.”

 One such new idea, highlighted by Alison Bryne, Senior Apprenticeship Officer at Redrow, is the increased focus on sustainability from the apprentices:

“At Redrow, we are always looking for new routes in which we can be more sustainable and have found that this is a topic that the JTL apprentices have been very passionate about.

  “A key example of this is that we have had apprentices suggesting new ways in which excess materials can be repurposed on-site, such as being used to make bird boxes and hedgehog highways at our developments.”

 Redrow has also created practice areas for apprentices to utilise any excess materials, rather than them being disposed of, to ensure the company is making sustainable choices where possible.

As well as the positive impact that apprenticeships have on the business, Redrow also reflected on the benefits that the qualification brings to the individuals too.

Macey said: “I can’t recommend apprenticeships enough to those looking to start their career. In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to earn while they learn, the skillset that is adopted sets apprentices up for life and allows our workers to be disciplined from a young age.”

Redrow serves as a prime example as to why apprenticeships should be considered as an alternative route of higher education for those who are keen to develop their work ethic and work alongside a wide range of industry professionals from the off-set.

JTL ensures that employers of all sizes gain support and guidance throughout every stage of the process from hiring to training to qualification completion.

Redrow’s JTL apprentices are a prime example of the positive impact that apprenticeships have on individuals and employers alike, creating a pathway to success and sustainability in the construction industry.

Find out more about Redrow here:


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