Tune Up – Toolbox Tips

Our subject experts have selected a wide range of films to provide you with advice and guidance to support you throughout your career, on both a personal and professional level

Professional Development

Here at JTL, we want all our learners to feel supported in their professional development, every step of the way. Not only while they are an apprentice with us but also when they step out into the world of work and continue their careers.

In this playlist learners will find a range of resources that cover all aspects of career development; from CV writing and interview skills for those looking for jobs to setting up your own business. They will also find advice on professional development planning, making the most of their digital skills and building on what they know, as well as how best to study for exams and assessments.


Safeguarding, Prevent and British Values

Safeguarding is one of the most important policies we have at JTL. We have a duty of care to our learners that means they can carry out their learning and professional development in an environment where they feel safe from all manner of risks.

These videos cover how JTL’s safeguarding policy works to protect learners from these risks, such as abuse, bullying and harassment and the threat of extremism and radicalisation. Topics covered include British Values and the Prevent strategy and how it is deployed to protect children, adults, and young people from the threat of terrorism.


Information, Advice and Guidance

Being a learner at JTL is not just about the skills needed in the workplace. Learners also need to be equipped with the skills necessary to cope with life and society, and how to look after their health and wellbeing in general.

In these playlists, learners will find invaluable advice on a range of topics including Mental Health, and how to ensure that they look after theirs; How they can eat well and make the best nutritional choices to stay healthy and well; Their Sexual Health, and also how to protect themselves and others from sexual harassment.