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What does the government’s £111 million boost mean for Traineeships?


Following the Chancellor’s recent announcement that the government is injecting £111 million into the Traineeship programme to get young people in England into work, we caught up with Lindsay Talks, JTL’s product manager, to discuss all things Traineeships.

The government’s recent pledge to provide 30,000 new Traineeships to raise the employability profile of young people is very welcomed by JTL. As a leading training provider, we strongly believe that the development and training of apprentices is crucial in ensuring the pipeline of skilled tradespeople continues during these challenging times.

We are hopeful that the £1000 pledged by the government, for each new work experience place they offer, will help employers provide these important placements. These placements may result in recruiting more young people into our industry.


What is a traineeship?

Traineeships, a programme we have been championing since it was launched in 2013, gives young people, in England, aged 16- 24- year olds, an exciting opportunity to develop skills and confidence in order to take their first steps into their chosen career.

Not to be confused with an accredited apprenticeship, a Traineeship can sometimes be referred to by tutors as a ‘pre-apprenticeship programme’. It can be useful for people who have not yet gained an apprenticeship, as well as successful apprenticeship candidates who are still waiting to be placed with an employer.

The programme gives trainees an insight into the industry as well as providing them with employability and basic maths and English knowledge if needed over a shorter period (10-16 weeks), as well as health and safety training which will enable them to their progress onto an apprenticeship or go straight into employment. Additionally, trainees also have the opportunity to gain a ECS or CSCS card to access site.


Call it a trial period….

A JTL Traineeship is an ideal approach to finding and retaining capable and proactive new employees. It’s also been described as a ‘try before you buy’ scenario, giving participating businesses the chance to gauge how a candidate fits into their business real time, which can prove difficult during the standard apprenticeship interview process.

Traineeships provide both the time and opportunity for an employer to see a clear example of a person’s level of commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm. While the scheme comes at no financial cost to your business, learners do need a level of supervision to ensure their work is engaging and is providing the necessary experience in a rewarding environment.

What to expect from a trainee? 

your nominated trainee will receive comprehensive training and work experience which will be transferrable to other industries, as well as taster sessions on basic Electrical and Plumbing skills.

Prior to the learner starting work experience they will receive dedicated work prep training designed to develop their English and maths, interpersonal skills, interview techniques and CV writing, which will be useful should their Traineeship lead to an employment interview with your business. During the work experience, JTL trainers provide support for both the employer and the learner.

As part of the short course, the trainee will participate up to four weeks on-site work experience, and the rest of the time is spent at college or a dedicated JTL centre. JTL will provide basic PPE, health and safety documentation to get onto site, a £25 attendance allowance for the learner, as well as the £1000 work placement grant for the employer, which has just been introduced by the government.

If the employer wants to then convert the trainee into an apprentice JTL will support this process, and an incentive payment of £2,000 will be made to an employer who hires an apprentice between the age of 16-24 years old, while £1,500 will be paid when an apprentice aged 25 and over is taken on.

How can JTL help both you and your trainee? 

A Traineeship is an effective way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. By giving young people their first opportunity to gain practical experience, you are providing them with the solid foundation they need to begin a targeted apprenticeship programme, which will lead to a professional career.

All of our trainees undergo health and safety training which will result in them gaining the relevant documentation to go on site to complete their work experience, either via the ECS or CSCS route – a great benefit if you’re looking to take on a trainee for a four-week work placement.

With high quality work-based training, JTL gives trainees the opportunity to enjoy the process of acquiring specialist skills and have fun with the learning process. It also brings a host of benefits to employers too, allowing them the opportunity to effectively recruit, train and grow their workforce.

For more information about a JTL traineeship, visit here.

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Lindsay Talks

Linsday Talks is a Product Manager at JTL

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